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The word "Nyonya" can be traced back to the early A.D. 1409 when the First Emperor of the Ming Dynasty sent his official deputy, Admiral Cheng Ho to Southeast Asia and South Asia to control the trading route, known as the brand new 'Silk Road'. Proclaiming Parameswara as the ruler, the Chinese secured the trading route and thus, Malacca flourished as an entrepot for about 100 years.
To forge the closer trading ties, a princess of China, "Puteri Hang Li Po" ("Puteri" means Princess) was presented as a 'gift' to the ruler. Her entourage followed suit by marrying local Aboriginals. The inter-marriages led to the unique Peranakan heritage, where the male descendants are famously known as "Baba" and the female, "Nyonya”.
In addition, records also show that following the successful union of China and Malacca through the marriage of Sultan Mansur Shah and Princess Hang Li Po, more Chinese male and female immigrants had come to Malacca, leading to more inter-marriages and their descendants gave rise to this unique Peranakan heritage.
Influenced by the two different cultures, they created the "Baba Nyonya" cuisine. The cuisine from their father's homeland, China Fujian, served as a blueprint infusing with the local cooking of their mother's which incorporated many spices. Since then, "Baba Nyonya” cuisine has become a unique food heritage of Melaka.

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